Date of Commencement : July 2007
Date of Completion : March 2008

Scope of Work : Fugitive Emission Monitoring and Leak Detection & Repair Program.

Project Description
Date of Commencement : 2012
Date of Completion : 2012
Scope of Work : Noise Survey for Utility and
PP Plant.

Project Description
Date of Commencement : 2007
Date of Completion : 2008

Scope of Work : Environmental Information
Report For VCM.

Project Description

Implementing a Fugitive Emission Monitoring Programme in Entire Petrokemya Facility.
Labeling, coding and tagging of the HAP and VOC affected components.
The total of Componentstotal Number are Approx. 50,000/-
Development of the FEMS database with the help of Leaders Software.
Preparation of the complete source inventory (which include type of equipment’s, product name, product source, precise location) Tie-ins and interfaces in existing MCCs in Substation.
Re-monitoring the repaired leaking components according to RCER: 2010 and USEPA method 21, ISO 9001 & 14001 and SABIC SHEMS 13.06.
The noise survey involves measuring Sound Pressure Level (SPL) and Octave bands Frequency Analysis at A-weighted and slow response setting for each measurement point.
LAeq, L10, 1/1 Octave band were collected as per SHEM 12.04 requirements.
The weather parameters during the surveys were measured using handled weather tracker and found stable.
The measurement was taking at predetermined positions identified by applying 20 m grid in the floor plan.
The measurement sample period was 20 sec. Calibration was carried out for each series of measurements.
Repetition of some measurement was mandatory to confirm the sound prevailing condition.
Preparation of Permit packages.
Process Descriptions and Procedures.
Preparation of an Air Emission Inventory Report, in conformity with section 2.11 of the RCER, for the VCM unit of PETROKEMYA.
Air Dispersion Modeling To Perform By Using AERMOD Software.
Fuel Gases and Fuel Oils Compositions.
Latest monitoring data for year 2008 & 2009 such as stack testing reports, FEMS reports, wastewater reports, groundwater reports, CEMS reports, noise survey reports, waste reports, hazardous substance report etc.

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